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November 20, 2007



Excellent questions, and ones which I often struggle with, especially because the church I currently attend is in what many consider to be an "affluent" neighborhood. There are many times in which I wonder, couldn't this money have been better spent elsewhere? Then there are other times when I have to ask myself if I'm not just being overly logical: I may look at the cost of feeding a starving person in Africa and potentially reaching them with the Gospel, and decide that my dollars would be much better spent there than at a church that attracts people with six-figure incomes. But then aren't I simply assigning dollar numbers to salvation? Am I saying that since it would only cost $X to reach a lost soul in Africa, that it is better to give there than to my church here in America, where it might cost $10X to reach someone? And am I implying that because the person in Africa is poor and starving, that it is more important to reach out to them then the person living comfortably next door?

I'm not saying I have answers - and I'm not pointing fingers anywhere, just sharing what I personally have thought about - but I continually struggle with these issues. But I suspect that God's math is much different than ours. In the Bible, he advocates that "the worker is worth is wages," but also tells people to "sell all they own and give to the poor." And we just looked at the passage in Deut. in church last week where God tells the Israelites to take their tithes, go the the place God designates, and have a big huge party in celebration. Of course, it also mentions "not forgetting the Levites, who have no inheritance", but I find it interesting.

I think it's good that we struggle, though. If we didn't, then I suspect that we would end up farther from what God intends than otherwise.

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