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March 09, 2007



I say keep going. Show them how you feel the Christian community should be acting. Otherwise they won't change and they will go around making others think everyone is like that. Which we clearly aren't. That's what I think.

Chris Enstad

keep going and let me know when you finish Pete Rollins' book, I think he's on to something in there that will help you deal with the way Christians operate with each other... in both the good and the bad ways.

As long as I'm not the nameless guy ;)


what would I do without you there? I'm one of the few non-seminarians and can only challenge soooo much back! that and i don't have it figured out, but i from what i understand Jesus had to keep reminding his disciples over and over and over what he meant...not saying your Jesus, but don't give up, we need people like you there

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