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March 19, 2007


Chris Enstad

I would say that it seems like the whole "sermon series" thing is emptying your cup right now. My suggestion would be to leave that behind and return to the lectionary for a bit and take a romp through Scripture unimpeded by your own agenda and see what it is that the Word has for you. Remember, we don't read the Bible, it reads US.

It also sounds, and I have not been present to hear any of these sermons, that perhaps the sermons object is the listener (for instance, "I want a sermon that makes sense for MY life. Help ME figure out what the Bible means for ME. etc. etc") when the object is always supposed to BE Jesus Christ and WE are the subject.

I don't know that this is a "churchwide" issue but something is happening that is gnawing at YOU. But YOU guys are creating a new worship experience so you have the best chance of changing things and seeing what happens.


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